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SureShot™ MWD System Technical Data Sheets

SureShot-MP Mud Pulse MWD System
SureShot-MP Rotary Pulser
SureShot-EM EM Telemetry MWD System
SureShot-DDS Digital Directional Sensor
SureShot-Gamma MWD Gamma Sensor
Turbine Alternator
SureShot-PWD Pressure While Drilling Sensor
SureShot-VMM™ Vibration Memory Module
SureShot Surface Systems & Components
SureShot-SSCC™ Control Center Software
SureShot-APSPlot™ Log Plotting Software

SureLog™ LWD System Technical Data Sheets

SureLog-WPR Wave Propagation Resistivity Sub
SureLog-WPR-PWD Pressure While Drilling Sensor
SureLog-iPCD Integrated Porosity, Caliper & Density Sub
SureLog-FWS Full-wave Sonic Tool
SureLog-AZG Azimuthal Gamma Ray Sensor

SureSteer™ Drilling System Technical Data Sheets

SureSteer-RSM® Rotary Steerable Motor
SureSteer-RSS™ Rotary Steerable System (4.75)
SureSteer-RSS™ Rotary Steerable System (6.75)

SureDrill™ Drilling Optimization & Vibration Management Product Technical Data Sheets

SureDrill-AVD™ Active Vibration Damper Sub
SureDrill-DDM™ Drilling Dynamics Monitor
SureDrill-VMS™ Vibration Memory Sub

Other APS Products

Non-metallic Modular Ovens
VacOil™ Hydraulic Oil De-airing and Filling Systems
MWD Vibration Isolators
Handling Cart for Downhole Subs
Performance Seals & Sealing Systems

APS Brochures

APS Company Profile
Advanced LWD Systems – Triple & Quad Combo LWD
SureDrill Drilling Optimization
Precision CNC Machining

APS Service Focus Sheets

Drilling Test Facility
Manufacturing Services
Metallic Rapid Prototype Facility
Support Services
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