The SureSteer™-RSS™ 4.75 rotary steerable tool was created to complement APS’s field-proven Rotary Steerable Motor (RSM®). Whereas the RSM incorporates an integrated power section designed to maximize horsepower at the bit, the RSS either runs below a drilling motor or is driven directly from the top drive to maximize build rate capability and drillstring speed.

The APS RSS is a modular design and is currently offered in two configurations; A 4.75” directional gamma RSS system utilizing a single collar assembly or a 2 part configuration for RSS with WPR, or higher LWD capability

  • Can be programmed to use a closed-loop feedback system for vertical or tangent angle control, or to operate with surface-supplied instructions to efficiently drill any directional well plan.
  • Easily programmable downhole and straightforward to use. A series of timed pump speed changes allow for switching between modes or turning the tool off for events such as wiper trips, drilling out or back-reaming.
  • Desired tool face on the initial unit is set by surface orientation (similar to a steerable motor), minimizing time required for downlinking.
  • Desired build rate is communicated with timed pump speed changes.
  • Can be directly linked to an APS MWD or LWD system for higher-level, comprehensive trajectory control, depending on the deployment method.

  • Available tool sizes: 4.75 in. (121 mm) OD for 6.0 in. (152.4 mm) and 6.75 in. (171 mm) boreholes sizes.
  • The steering head houses the steering pads; directional measurement and control electronics; and the electrical and hydraulic power systems, which are driven by an integrated turbine and alternator system.
  • The control electronics provide timing signals to a hydraulic manifold to control the steering direction and force to achieve the desired directional objective.

  • Maximize build rate and drillstring speed during directional drilling


DIM Description Dimensions
Nominal Hole Size 6.0 in. (152.4 mm) 6.75 in. (171 mm)
A Bit Box to Center of Steering Pad 1.4 ft (0.4 m)
B Bit Box to Center of Sleeve Stabilizer 9.3 ft (2.8 m)
C Overall Length including Pulser 32.4 ft (9.9 m)
Steering Pad Dia. – Retracted 5.9 in. (149.9 mm)
Steering Pad Dia. – Extended 6.6 in. (167.4 mm) 7.0 in. (177.8 mm)
D Steering Pad Upset Dia. 5.75 in. (146 mm)
E Sleeve Stabilizer Dia. 5.9375 in. (150.8 mm) 6.6875 in. (169.9 mm)
Bottom Connection 3-1/2 in. API REG box
Top Connection – Standard, Housing 3-1/2 in. IF box
Flow Rate 150 to 350 gpm (9.5 to 22 l/sec)
Maximum Drill String Rotation Speed 200 RPM
Maximum Operating Torque 9,700 ft-lbs (13,150 N-m)
Pressure Drop 200 psi @ 350 gpm (1.4 MPa @ 22 l/sec)
Build Rate Capability To 12˚/100 ft (30 m)
Maximum Temperature 302˚F (150˚C)
Maximum Pressure 20,000 psi (137.9 MPa)
Maximum Bend Radius – Rotating 15˚/100 ft
Maximum Bend Radius – Sliding 21˚/100 ft