SureLog™ LWD Systems

It's all about efficiency!

APS is committed to providing the industry's first full LWD logging suite to give large and small service companies and national oil companies (NOCs) independence from their large major oilfield service companies in providing advanced logging while drilling services. With WPR™, APS is the market leader in providing LWD resistivity systems. We have enhanced this capability on by adding the Full-Wave Sonic (FWS™) sonic device for "Quad Combo" service. All of our LWD tools operate seamlessly with the APS SureShot™ MWD Platform. APS's advanced systems are powered by a turbine alternator in configurable combination with batteries to accommodate both LWD and Logging While Tripping (LWT). All LWD sensor subs can be used at typical flow rates (maximum 1,200 gpm or 76 l/sec) and to 347°F (175°C).