About APS Technology

Measurement and Drilling solutions for all environments

We offer a complete range of innovative, extremely reliable MWD/LWD, vibration management and drilling & optimization products that deliver greater value, lower total cost of ownership, and enhanced efficiencies.

Maximize oil and gas recovery in vertical drilling, horizontal drilling, unconventional shale plays, and deepwater wells

Optimize well placement with innovative tools that measure formation resistivity, porosity, density and sonic velocity

Make faster decisions and corrections using accurate, real-time data transmitted from downhole to the surface

Rely on APS’s rugged systems to perform even in the harshest conditions with high temperatures and pressures

Measure pressure, vibration, shock, torsion and weight on bit to increase rate of penetration (ROP) and extend tool life

APS is committed to delivering field proven off-the-shelf and custom MWD/LWD and drilling systems to our customers worldwide.

APS Technology Corporate History and Key Milestones

30 Years of quality, innovations and global expansion


APS Technology founded by Bill Turner and Denis Biglin

Innovative MWD tool suspension patented

Rotary Pulser and Flow switch patented

Houston R&M Center established

  • SureShot MWD and MWD with gamma
  • Agreement with Sinopec to develop rotary steerable motor system
  • First turbine alternator available to independent directional drillers
  • G1 SureLog wave propagation resistivity (WPR™) tool
  • Patent issued for iPDT™ (Active Vibration Damper)

  • SureLog Drilling Dynamics Monitor Sub (DDM™), a WOB/TOB/BOB measurement tool
  • WOB/TOB/BOB license sold to Halliburton
  • G1 SureShot digital directional sensor(DDS™)

  • G4 Digital WPR™ Too 4.75″, 6.75″ and 8″ tool sizes
  • SureShot-EM™ Telemetry MWD System
  • G4 Digital 3.5″ & 3.75″ WPR™ tool

  • Commenced 4.75″ Rotary Steerable System (RSS) development
  • ADS – Advanced Decoding System
  • 4.75″ FWS™ Sonic Tool and sale to Major

  • Azimuthal Gamma Ray Sensor (AZG™)
  • Licensed iPZIG™ and iDNSC™ tools from SLB

  • 6.75″ iPZIG™
  • G4 pulser released
  • Commenced commercial rentals of 7″ & 9.5″ iPDT™ with channel partner

  • G2 Digital Directional Sensor (DDS™) with RINC & RAZI
  • G4 Pulser (28V for Tensor-Compatible Market)
  • WITSML in SureShot

  • Prototype 6.75* RSS with RINC & RAZI tested in CT test facility
  • 4.75″ RSS upgrade to include RINC & RAZI

  • G5 High Data Rate Pulser released (3-5 BPS capability)
  • G2.6 & G4.1 Pulser upgrades

Celebrating 30 Years of Success in the Energy Sector

Pulser Development

  • G5.2 Pulser upgrades & optimization
  • High Flow Bypass Valve for 9.5” and 8” BHAs for 1000+ GPM applications

SureShot & Telemetry Development

  • Implement Combinatorial Decoders

LWD & Sensor Development

  • G4 Digital 3.125” WPR™ tool for Coiled Tubing drilling. 15 tools sold to Major Service Company

Confidentiality Policy

APS Technology recognizes that confidentiality is of the utmost importance to our customers. To that end, we affirm our commitment to protect and keep confidential the proprietary information we receive from customers and to not divulge any information about a given customer’s project without permission.

Furthermore, we agree that customer provided information will be used only for the contemplated purposes and will not be disclosed to any third parties, other than requisite contractors and vendors who have executed confidentiality agreements obligating them to protect whatever information we might furnish.