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About APS Technology

Measurement and Drilling solutions for all environments

The factors that impact costs at a rig site are many, and their impact on profitability can be significant. APS designs and manufactures advanced electromechanical, instrumentation, sensor and software products that help operators and drilling companies save time and money on well construction.

We offer a complete range of innovative, extremely reliable MWD/LWD, vibration management and drilling & optimization products that deliver greater value, lower total cost of ownership, and enhanced efficiencies.

  • Maximize oil and gas recovery in vertical drilling, horizontal drilling, unconventional shale plays, and deepwater wells
  • Optimize well placement with innovative tools that measure formation resistivity, porosity, density and sonic velocity
  • Make faster decisions and corrections using accurate, real-time data transmitted from downhole to the surface
  • Rely on APS’s rugged systems to perform even in the harshest conditions with high temperatures and pressures
  • Measure pressure, vibration, shock, torsion and weight on bit to increase rate of penetration (ROP) and extend tool life

APS is committed to delivering field proven off-the-shelf and custom MWD/LWD and drilling systems to our customers worldwide.

Our customers know they can rely on our highly knowledgeable and experienced sales, support and training staff to keep their operations running smoothly.

APS History

APS was founded in 1993 by the oilfield pioneers who developed the first commercial Measurement While Drilling / Logging While Drilling (MWD/LWD) technologies. Many of our talented employees have spent most of their careers in the MWD / LWD industry; and some as former employees of Teleco Oilfield Services, the first commercial MWD company.

Today, we offer a complete range of innovative oil and gas solutions for a global customer base including: field proven MWD/LWD, vibration management, drilling and optimization products. APS’s products and services are designed to make drilling operations run more smoothly and efficiently by safely accelerating well construction and production.

We have been cited by Deloitte as a national Technology Fast 500™ growing technology company eight times and have been acknowledged as a recipient of the Connecticut Tech Top 40 for 13 years. With corporate headquarters in Wallingford, CT and support centers in Houston, Guanghan, Korla, Nizhnevartosk and Dubai, APS Technology has established a diverse international portfolio of clients that includes several Fortune 500 companies.

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Clear Path Support Program

Clear Path

With the APS Clear Path Program, you’re not only choosing the best in class today, but the best in class tomorrow.

The path to upgrading critical capital equipment can be a daunting task. Choosing the right equipment, integration and product support is critical for your business to grow.

APS technology understands the need for our customers to receive the most comprehensive sales, support and onsite service possible. APS is proud to introduce the ClearPath customer support program, specifically designed to provide you with clear and concise information throughout the entire purchasing cycle.

From engineering and on-site support to defined upgrade paths, APS Technology will help you make the critical decisions needed to assure success for years to come.

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Confidentiality Policy

APS Technology recognizes that one of the main concerns of our clients is the protection of company secrets, proprietary processes and financial information. Our company has voluntarily adopted the professional ethical requirement to protect and keep confidential all information received from our clients. More than simply protecting trade secrets, this means that we will not divulge any information about any project with your company to anyone else, without your permission. We vow to hold confidential all proprietary information or trade secrets in trust and confidence and agree that they shall be used only for the contemplated purposes, shall not be used for any other purpose, or disclosed to any third party. APS Technology requires all its vendors to sign a secrecy agreement, which obligates them to hold all shared information in the strictest confidence.

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