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The factors that impact costs at a rig site are many, and their impact on profitability can be significant. APS designs and manufactures advanced electromechanical, instrumentation, sensor and software products that help operators and drilling companies save time and money on well construction.

APS Technology Corporate History and Key Milestones

30 Years of quality, innovations and global expansion


APS Technology founded by Bill Turner and Denis Biglin

Innovative MWD tool suspension patented

Rotary Pulser and Flow switch patented

Houston R&M Center established

  • SureShot MWD and MWD with gamma
  • Agreement with Sinopec to develop rotary steerable motor system
  • First turbine alternator available to independent directional drillers
  • G1 SureLog wave propagation resistivity (WPR™) tool
  • Patent issued for iPDT™ (Active Vibration Damper)

  • SureLog Drilling Dynamics Monitor Sub (DDM™), a WOB/TOB/BOB measurement tool
  • WOB/TOB/BOB license sold to Halliburton
  • G1 SureShot digital directional sensor(DDS™)

  • G4 Digital WPR™ Too 4.75″, 6.75″ and 8″ tool sizes
  • SureShot-EM™ Telemetry MWD System
  • G4 Digital 3.5″ & 3.75″ WPR™ tool

  • Commenced 4.75″ Rotary Steerable System (RSS) development
  • ADS – Advanced Decoding System
  • 4.75″ FWS™ Sonic Tool and sale to Major

  • Azimuthal Gamma Ray Sensor (AZG™)
  • Licensed iPZIG™ and iDNSC™ tools from SLB

  • 6.75″ iPZIG™
  • G4 pulser released
  • Commenced commercial rentals of 7″ & 9.5″ iPDT™ with channel partner

  • G2 Digital Directional Sensor (DDS™) with RINC & RAZI
  • G4 Pulser (28V for Tensor-Compatible Market)
  • WITSML in SureShot

  • Prototype 6.75* RSS with RINC & RAZI tested in CT test facility
  • 4.75″ RSS upgrade to include RINC & RAZI

  • G5 High Data Rate Pulser released (3-5 BPS capability)
  • G2.6 & G4.1 Pulser upgrades

Celebrating 30 Years of Success in the Energy Sector

Pulser Development

  • G5.2 Pulser upgrades & optimization
  • High Flow Bypass Valve for 9.5” and 8” BHAs for 1000+ GPM applications

SureShot & Telemetry Development

  • Implement Combinatorial Decoders

LWD & Sensor Development

  • G4 Digital 3.125” WPR™ tool for Coiled Tubing drilling. 15 tools sold to Major Service Company

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Our growing list of customers, including multinational oilfield service companies, independent directional drillers and MWD service companies all rely on APS to solve their most complex drilling challenges. And, with offices and support personnel strategically positioned in four continents, APS is uniquely positioned to support our products, wherever and whenever our customers need us most.

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