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MWD Vibration Memory Module

Protect your MWD assets in real time
while improving performance.

MWD Vibration Memory Module

APS’s SureShot™ MWD Vibration Memory Module (VMM™) is a software-enabled extension to our SureShot MWD tool that measures, analyzes, records and enables real-time transmission of axial (bit bounce), lateral and torsional (stick-slip, chatter and whirl) vibrations and shocks. VMM allows users to assess the severity of downhole drilling to improve drilling efficiency and alert them to vibration conditions that could damage MWD and other downhole tools.

SureShot VMM Fade

The real-time and memory data can be correlated to drilling events and equipment performance to improve drilling efficiency or prevent failures. The real-time and memory data can also provide evidence for use in warranty claim resolution. Real-time, memory and surface sensor data can be viewed with the SureShot VMM Viewer, plotted with APSPlot™ and exported in industry-standard formats (WITS and LAS).

SureShot VMM Vibration Alert

SSCC's Real Time Vibration Alert Window

VMM’s real time and stored data can be correlated to drilling events and equipment performance
to improve drilling efficiency or prevent failures.

Features & Benefits

  • Software option in SureShot Control Center (SSCC™) allows for easy addition of vibration monitoring service, reducing operating cost and increasing service flexibility.
  • Configurable vibration level update times for regular notifications and increased awareness of downhole drilling conditions.
  • Real-time vibration level alerts notify rig personnel of severe vibration conditions, allowing them to modify parameters before equipment is damaged.
  • Evaluation of real-time and memory vibration data and drilling parameters allows operators to optimize drilling efficiency.
  • Vibration data can be exported and shared with other packages or transmitted to the customer's office for easy integration into other wellsite services.
SureShot VMM Axl ATV Time

Axial/Lateral Vibration vs. Time


  • Real-time monitoring of vibration levels
  • Optimization of drilling parameters for ROP maximization
  • Using high-density memory data for post-run analysis

Tool Specifications

SureShot-VMM Technical Data Sheet

General Specifications

Measurement Devices Three ±120 g accelerometers, in APS MWD Controller Chassis 3-axis fluxgate magnetometer, in D&I Module
Data Sampling Rate Accelerometers – 100 samples/s max.
Magnetometers – 100 samples/s max.
Real Time Telemetry Configurable at rig site
Vibration Memory Size Up to 32 MB
Memory Recording Average and peak data stored on configurable intervals; event-driven bursts of configurable lengths recorded when configurable thresholds are crossed
Data Recorded:
Max. Lateral Vibration: 0 to 169.7 g
RMS Lateral Vibration: 0 to 169.7 g
Max. Axial Vibration: 0 to 120 g
RMS Axial Vibration: 0 to 120 g
Torsional Vibration: ±314 rad/s (±18,000 deg/s)
Memory Dump Connect to sonde at surface to program and dump memory

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