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SureShot Power Options

MWD System Power Options

Flexibility for any application

MWD System Power Options

The APS MWD system uses either battery pack(s) housed in APS battery module(s) or a turbine alternator, which can be run alone or in combination with battery module(s).


Battery Modules

  • Use 10 x DD Lithium cells available from a number of approved suppliers.
  • Available in 20,000 psi (137.9 MPa) standard version with ToughMet™ barrels, plus 25,000 psi (172.4 Mpa) with Inconel 718 barrels.
  • Available with rubber fin centralization or pad centralization.
  • A novel approach to intelligent MWD batteries is coming soon from APS, featuring:
    • Improved battery switching and power management
    • Performance data logging – current draw, voltages, temperature and other parameters
    • Enhanced safety

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SureShot Power Battery
Reliable and rock-steady power provides added confidence for any run length.

Turbine Alternator

The APS Turbine Alternator† is a high-temperature, axial flow design for use in measurement-while-drilling (MWD) and logging-while-drilling (LWD) systems. This device provides reliable, ongoing power at temperatures of up to 175°C, taking the place of expensive, short-lived disposable batteries. The turbine is configurable to match the required flow rates for typical BHA/hole size combinations.

  • Provides rock-steady power over any run length.
  • Reduces or eliminates battery safety issues.
  • Reduces or eliminates depleted battery shipping and recycling costs.
  • Satisfies power requirements for advanced LWD services, which are problematic with batteries only.
SureShot Power Turbine Alternator

† U.S. Patent #7,201,239

Tool Specifications

SureShot Power Options Technical Data Sheet

General Specifications

Operating Temperature 347˚F (175˚C)
Pressure 20,000 psi (138 MPa)
Output Power 150 W
Voltage, Regulated (Configurable) 28 - 60 VDC
Flow Rate 3.125 in. (79 mm) – 150 to 270 gpm (6.5 to 17 L/sec)
3.75 in. (95 mm) – 250 to 775 gpm (15.8 to 48.8 L/sec)
4.82 in. (122 mm) – 400 to 1300 gpm (25.2 to 82 L/sec)
Housing Diameter 1.875 in. (48 mm) / 2.06 in. (52 mm) / 1.875 in. (48 mm)
Overall Length 60 in. (1,524 mm)
Weight Approx. 45 lbs. (20.4 kg)
Turbine Housing Diameter 3.125 in. (79 mm) for 4.75 in. (121 mm) drill collar
3.75 in. (95 mm) for 6.5 in. (165 mm) & 6.75 in. (171 mm) drill collar
4.82 in. (122 mm) for 8 in. (203 mm) & larger drill collar
Connections The uphole and downhole connections use the robust APS 1.625-10 Stub Acme shouldered connections. Male threads are copper plated for galling resistance. Other connections or crossovers can be supplied for different architectures.
Connectors & Feed-Through Conductors Deutsch 22 conductor connectors with 4 x 26 AWG unshielded and 5 x 32 AWG coaxial shielded feed-through conductors, plus 2 power and 2 ground lines and a frequency line.

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