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SureShot - Control Center

SureShot MWD Control Center Software

Our time-proven SureShot suite of operating software
puts you in total control

SureShot™ MWD Control Center Software

APS’s SureShot™ Control Center software enables drilling service providers to perform every step of an MWD / LWD job from intuitive, workflow-oriented graphical user interfaces, including:

  • Tool Configuration
  • Tool Verification
  • Downhole and Surface Data Collection, Database Storage, Correction, Transforms and Time-Depth Correlation
  • Raw, Filtered and FFT Standpipe Sensor Display
  • Real-time Local and RFD Data and Alarms Display
  • Post-run Data Download and Processing
  • Report and Log Generation
  • Data Import and Export
SureShot SSCC Flow
APS’s integrated plotting package with easy-to-use interface offers up to 8 tracks per log
and can manage all vibration sensors used on the job.

SIU 2.5 MWD Surface System

Full support for our SIU 2.5 next-generation surface system.


Our integrated plotting package with easy-to-use graphical user interface now offers up to 8 tracks per log. This package allows the user to quickly configure and plot API RP 31A compliant* logs based on Measured Depth (MD), True Vertical Depth (TVD) and time scales. Configured header and log formats and styles can be stored as templates, separate from the log data, so that identical log presentations can be easily applied to all data sets for specific customer or situations. Log and templates can be created using SI (metric) or English units.†

SureShot SSCC Screen
SureShot SSCC Vibration Action
SureShot SSCC Vibration Action

SSCC GUI Windows

SSCC now displays even more data to help you make good decisions faster, including:

  • Support for the integrated Vibration Memory Module feature in our MWD Master Controller, including new enhanced vibration memory file types.
  • A new Vibration Sensors screen which enables configuration and administration of all vibration sensors used on a job (e.g., VMM, VMS or AVD).
  • A new Vibration Action window which displays parameters of interest for analyzing vibration problems.
  • A new Standpipe Sensor window which shows the raw standpipe signal going into the SIU 2.5’s mud pulse decoding input.
  • An integrated Decoding Configuration screen that displays the Master Controller format table and the SIU Format table. This screen is also used to send the encoding settings and format table to SIU 2.5.

* “Standard Form for Hardcopy Presentation of Downhole Well Log Data;” API Recommended Practice 31A.

† A 30-day free trial version of APSPlot may be downloaded from APS’s website. Please contact us for details.

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