Are your rotary steerable tools performing at optimal performance?
Read our latest white paper about the primary operational differences and similarities of push-the-bit tools by Thomas M. Bryant of APS.

SureDrill Drilling Optimization & Vibration Management

Actionable, Real Time Data Keeps Drilling On Plan

SureDrill™ Drilling Optimization & Vibration Management Products

In drilling, the only constant is change. APS develops technologies that help accurately predict and measure the variables that can negatively impact drilling. Our systems are used to identify high temperatures, pressures and vibration. We measure subsurface formation properties and drilling parameters. In any environment, keep your drilling operation running on plan and on budget with SureDrill – the Real Time Drilling Optimization software.

SureDrill-Optimizer is a drilling optimization service that combines:

  • Drill string modeling and analysis (pre-well and real time)
  • Drilling optimization based on real-time surface and downhole data
  • Pre-well offset analysis of previously drilled wells – can identify known drilling issues and select the best drilling setpoints for each formation
  • Post-well analysis

SureDrill can be set up either as an on-site service or as a remote service. For wells drilled in new regions, where there is little or no history, SureDrill quickly identifies the best drilling practices. SureDrill helps avoid and mitigate drilling dysfunction that can lead to unplanned trips.


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