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Vibration Memory Sub for Drilling Optimization

Capture critical performance and failures data
every 20 seconds

Vibration Memory Sub for Drilling Optimization

The SureDrill™ Vibration Memory Sub (VMS™) is a standalone downhole tool that measures, calculates and records axial, lateral and angular down-hole vibrations for retrieval and analysis at the surface. The VMS allows operators to assess the severity of downhole drilling shock and vibration, including stick-slip and whirl, and correlate the data to drilling events and equipment performance or failures.

SureDrill VMS Spectral

Axial/Lateral Spectral Density of High-Vibration Event

Calculated Vibration Data

Every 20 seconds, the microprocessor calculates and stores:

  • Maximum lateral acceleration – vector sum of X- and Y-accelerometer measurements
  • RMS lateral acceleration
  • Maximum half-second RMS lateral acceleration
  • Maximum axial vibration – from z-accelerometer
  • RMS axial acceleration
  • Maximum half-second RMS axial acceleration
  • Maximum and minimum angular speed (RPM)
  • Stick-slip ratio and other rotational parameters
  • Absolute date and time
Allow operators to assess the severity of downhole drilling shock and vibration, including stick-slip and whirl, and correlate the data to critical drilling events and equipment performance.
SureDrill VMS Sub

Features & Benefits

  • Downhole vibration measurements are stamped by date and time for correlation with other data.
  • Provides data in the form of ASCII text files which can analyzed by APS’s Vibration Data Viewer software or your own analysis software.
  • 32 MB of memory; record up to ~250 hours of continuous data.
  • Data is easily retrieved by accessing the data dump port on the sub and connecting it through an Interface Box to PC-based software that converts the stored data to a text file with acceleration levels as a function of real time.


  • Available sizes: 4.75 in. (121 mm), 6.75 in. (172 mm) and 8.00 in. (203 mm) O.D.
  • Sonde-based tool with standard box and pin connections.
  • Sonde-based design allows tool to be scaled up or down easily for use with other drill collar sizes.
  • Vibration measurements are made using ± 120 g (lateral) and ± 60 g (axial) accelerometers, plus one fluxgate magnetometer rotation sensor.
SureDrill VMS Vibtime

Axial/Lateral Vibration vs. Time


  • Characterize downhole conditions for future BHA planning
  • Post-well analysis of equipment failures
  • Provide evidence for use in warranty claim resolution

Tool Specifications

SureDrill-VMS Technical Data Sheet

General Specifications

Tool Size 4.75 in. (121 mm) OD
2.687 in. (68 mm) ID
6.75 in. (172 mm) OD
3.25 in. (85 mm) ID
8.00 in. (203 mm) OD
3.50 in. (89 mm) ID
API Connection NC 38 Box/Pin NC 50 Box/Pin 6 5/8 Reg
Sub Material Non-magnetic steel
Length 66 in. (167.6 cm)
Weight (approx.) 270 lb (122.5 kg) 470 lb (213.2 kg) 825 lb (374.2 kg)
Pressure 20,000 psi (137.9 MPa)
Operating Temperature -40˚ to 302˚F (-40˚ to 150˚C)
Bending Limit Connection-limited
Data Collection & Handling
Memory 32 MB
Duration Limited by battery life; ~ 250 hrs
Accelerometers ± 120 g (X & Y axes), ± 60 g (Z axis); surface mount
Magnetometer Two-axis fluxgate
Acceleration Data Range ± 120 g (X & Y axes), ± 60 g (Z axis)
Rotation Rate Data Range ± 1,500 RPM (± 157 rad/s)

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