OPTIMIZE DRILLING PERFORMANCE AND MITIGATE RISK ON‑SITE OR FROM A REMOTE LOCATION As the only midsize independent provider to offer a comprehensive well drilling optimization solution, The APS SureDrill-Optimizer system helps operators and drilling companies save time and money on well construction and operation. SureDrill integrates data from disparate systems, including LWD/MWD measurements and surface data, to enable effective communication and collaboration for multiple well operations. With remote access to a wide range of relevant wellsite data, key stakeholders and drilling optimization consultants can access the data necessary to make critical decisions off-site, saving time and money on travel, personnel and adverse events at the wellsite. SureDrill is a robust, web-based data delivery system that can securely transmit real time data via satellite or other network to remote users with access. The system is easy to install, with no disruption in wellsite workflow.