SureDrill Optimizer


APS is the only mid-sized provider to offer a comprehensive well drilling optimization solution: the industry-leading SureDrill™-Optimizer system. Optimizer combines drillstring modeling with real-time surface and downhole drilling data to optimize drilling parameters, maximizing ROP, extending bit runs and resulting in lower drilling costs. This system provides:

  • Increased ROP
  • Reduced vibration
  • Increased bit life
  • Longer bit runs
  • Reduced bit trips

ROP increases up to 70% have been achieved on several wells. Optimizer identifies drilling dysfunctions early so the driller can take corrective action and avoid unplanned trips.

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For wells drilled where there is little or no history, Optimizer quickly identifies optimum parameters, helping to avoid costly drilling dysfunctions that can lead to unplanned trips.

  • Improves hole quality and reduces wear and tear on drill string components, minimizing redress charges.
  • Optimizer’s workflow continuously analyzes drilling conditions to search for the optimized set points, maximizing the cost savings. As drilling conditions change, Optimizer updates the set points.
  • For wells drilled in new regions where there is little or no history, Optimizer quickly identifies the best drilling practices, helping you avoid and mitigate drilling dysfunction that can lead to unplanned trips.
  • Optimizer can be set up either as an on-site service or as a remote service. As a remote service, the data is transmitted back to a technology center or customer’s office.
  • A gauge dashboard shows current drilling parameters, optimized target set points and combinations to avoid.

Drilling measurement and logging data is constantly being collected from various sensors, software and surface systems. The challenge is making large volumes of data accessible and digestible to allow for real-time collaboration and decision-making − at the rigsite or from an operations center thousands of miles away.

Optimizer aggregates modeling, downhole and surface data for real time predictive, iterative drilling optimization. The SureDrill Optimizer System consists of:

SureShot™ MWD System

APS’s software that performs structural, directional and critical speed analysis for optimal bottomhole assembly (BHA) design. Analyzing the BHA data helps to set tool build rate limits and analyze failures in minutes.

Real-time Surface Data

Surface data is provided by the rig’s electronic data recorder (EDR) via wellsite information transfer standard (WITS) protocol that allows c ommunication and data sharing through a common data network for wellsite users.