Fully Compatible, Integrated LWD Suite


Proven Quantified Measurements

APS Technology is committed to offering a fully compatible, integrated logging-while-drilling (LWD) suite that allows service companies and operators to secure accurate, reliable, and proven quantified measurements.

As part of the SureLog™ LWD platform, the WPR™ wave propagation resistivity sub provides real-time compensation, eliminates invasion effects due to measurement delays, and improves accuracy by canceling variations in receiver channels.

The WPR operates in all mud types including oil-based and salt-saturated and offers real-time resistivity with flexible transmission formats. High-resolution data is stored in downhole memory which can be retrieved and processed during trips.

APS provides a complete set of software-enabled borehole corrections and applications with WPR, including a dipping bed model for geosteering.

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